The ultimate travel experience

Our guests have described it as the best way to enjoy the Arcadian experience, and with good reason. Here you can relax and enjoy unsurpassed luxury, elevated to new levels.

Hospitality is a family matter...

Welcome to the ultimate travel hospitality experience that you deserve. Levidi Suites is located at the foot of Mount Mainalon in central Arcadia, just 400 metres from the centre of Levidi. Our hotel is designed to blend into this enchanting landscape with perfect harmony. It was created out of our passionate love of this place and a vision: to provide a luxury experience, in a setting which reflects the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, combined with our commitment to provision of the traditional warmth of the Greek hospitality.

Traditional Architecture

To this end, Levidi Suites is built to the standards of the renowned Lagadian master craftsmen whose skills and wisdom allowed them to “built a world” reflecting the wishes of the owners. Stone built in the traditional style, with a palette of earth colours reflecting the natural environment, our hotel not provides high standards of hospitality but also creates a total aesthetic experience. The contemporary decor of our rooms offers a luxury vision of life in a mountain setting.

We insist on keeping our standards high

This vision became a reality that unfolds before your eyes. We have managed to create a work of art in the heart of Arcadia. A welcoming place that respects tradition and the magical ambience of the place, and at the same time offers an unprecedented experience for visitors to enjoy. We insist on keeping our standards high. We continue to set high goals and to surpass them. This is the reason why we consistently remain a top holiday destination. We have considerable experience in the art of hospitality, and the appreciation we continue to receive in return is the greatest incentive for us to continue.

Levidi is part of Mantineia and the great Arcadian tradition, In French, the word Arcadia was once synonymous with paradise. Levidi Suites awaits for you to enter in this mysterious, wonderful, unspoilt world.

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