A magical mystery tour of Levidi - Surrounding areas and attractions

Levidi is a charming area, situated on the eastern slopes of the Mainalon mountain range. The natural beauty of the surroundings dominates the area, while picturesque villages take us back to a different era, to more innocent and simpler times. It is no exaggeration to say that the feeling is akin to entering a time machine.

Alexandros Papanastasiou Museum

You will find the Alexandros Papanastasiou Museum in Levidi, dedicated to the great sociologist, reformer and politician, and you can discover for yourself rare items from the life of this enlightened historical figure. You will find personal items including his worry beads, umbrella, as well as other items connected with his political career, photographs, and rare letters of great importance to the modern history of Greece, including his letter of resignation to Eleftherios Venizelos. The library containing the writings and speeches of Alexandros Pananastasiou is also housed in the museum. These personal items and the extensive archive of documents concerned with political and other matters of interest are impressive, and attract specialist researchers from all over the world as well as ordinary visitors…


At a distance of 11 km away, you will find the ski resort, ready to introduce you to exciting Arcadian winter adventures. It has natural slopes and its modern facilities meet the expectations of demanding winter sports lovers, as well as those who love the mountain experience. A perfect place for all ages.


Levidi Suites has a lovely view of the hill of Orchomenos, one of the oldest and largest cities of antiquity. Here you can discover some of the secrets of Arcadia. Orchomenos was once the seat of the ancient kings of Arcadia, and it may yet reveal the many secrets it conceals.
It is a place of great archaeological and political interest. The ancient theater – one of the largest in antiquity – with two thrones in its orchestra and a unique example of its kind, the parliament, and the marketplace, are just some of the special archaeological sites you can visit.
Here you will also find the sanctuary of Artemis Hymnia, built in a dark cedar tree, a testament to its antiquity. There is also a temple to Poseidon at Orchomenos. Despite the altitude, the god of the seas was honored by the Arcadians, since he was originally also the god of the river waters flowing from the depths of the earth.

Kapsia Cave

The imposing Kapsia Cave is among the 10 most remarkable caves in Greece. Visitors will experience a true miracle, forged by nature over time. Inside the Cave, despite the deafening silence, prehistory speaks aloud: tools, earthenware, cave pitons, lamps, and many other archaeological finds have been brought out of the dark cave into the light of science to be studied, revealing many things from the earliest times that are still unknown to us. There, in the depths of the earth, we may even be able reach into the depths of our own selves, our human soul, and maybe our own spiritual treasures will be revealed to us.


At a relatively short distance from our hotel, our guests can try other more or less demanding forms of tourism: there are hiking paths, river rafting, mountaineering, monasteries and lakes (Doxa, Ladonas) to visit, destinations that are all a testament to the Arcadian ideal, that is, the harmonious symbiosis of humans with their natural environment.

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